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Motoskate™ Custom Motorcycle Fairing

Motoskate™ Custom Motorcycle Fairing

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Let's get started!  

The Motoskate customization process is highly analogous to getting a tattoo.  We are working with you towards something that starts in your imagination so let's start with a conversation where we listen!  

Prices vary and require a consult, design plan, and estimate.  Plan to spend from $100 -$350 per fairing as you consider your concept.  That price can go lower or higher.

Reach out on our contact page for a custom Motoskate consult or fill out the form below with the following information included in the comment section:

- the shape and diameter of the headlamp on your two wheeled vehicle.  

- a description of your design concept.  Will your Motoskate have custom graphics? Will it be cut from an already existing skate graphic?  Or, do you want a repurposed, recycled, or used deck?

- You may choose a recycled deck from our inventory following a video or phone consultation.  These up-cycled Motoskate's may come at a reduced price.  


7-Ply 100% Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck.

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