About Us

Nik Danger began as an artistic expression of motorcycle customization. The idea was to craft skateboard decks into motorcycle fly-screens. Just as our founder started turning the idea into a business, his friends in the Democratic Republic of Congo had purchased a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) for an orphanage.  They also used this Boda Boda on the side to make some extra money.  A simple innovation followed.  More motorcycles would mean more jobs and more money for the orphanage.

This art with purpose, called a Motoskate™, is meant to empower African educators and community leaders in Eastern Congo who face challenges that come from living in a region where mineral resources drive international conflict. 

The profits from the first line of Motoskate fly-screens were used to launch the Motoskate Foundation. 

Motoskate Foundation donates moto-taxis to the operators of a school and orphanage in Eastern Congo.  This creates new jobs.  The profits then go to support the school, the orphanage, and the growing staff of teachers and child care professionals. 

Pretty wild huh?  There is a rich story here.  The Motoskate team in Eastern Congo continue to write stories of hope.  Now you know a little bit about the story behind this brand.  We are hoping your Nik Danger gear will be a conversation piece to help us raise awareness about the challenges of life in a far away place along with the possibility to make things better.